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United Peninsula Association is a 501c3 designated organization! Please join our community efforts now.

Past President’s Message:

The March 2nd General Membership Meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Tiger Point Golf Club was attended by individuals, business owners, and HOA representative from up and down Fairpoint Peninsula.  The message repeated several times during the 90 minute meeting was loud and clear – We truly need your help if UPA is to continue the influence it has wielded the past eight years!

Members were encouraged to get our message out friends and neighbors alike and help us grow our membership, help us obtain Scenic Beautification Sponsorships from our Peninsula Businesses, HOAs, and Individuals and help us grow the number of doers in UPA.  Phase 3 is complete and has transformed the HWY 98 corridor in the Navarre area. Now Phase 4 is about to begin and we will be working together over the next few weeks to decide where Phase 4 should go.  Step up and represent the section of HWY 98 that should be next to be submitted for a grant.  

2016 was a very tough year of transition and troubling undertakings brought on with a leadership change and the numerous projects UPA has been involved with for Fairpoint Peninsula! Everyone loves the results, but few want to volunteer to do their part to make the organization even stronger and lead UPA into the future.  We desperately need new volunteers from all of our Peninsula communities if we are to continue to improve our communities.  We have numerous projects going on, but volunteers are what have made UPA the force it is.  You can make a difference! Please step forward and help us today.

The biggest disappointment of the year had to be the city of Gulf Breeze backing out of their negotiated commitments to restore the West Course and keep all 36 holes of Tiger Point Golf Club (TPGC) open for golf. UPA stood behind them initially when they needed us to help them get approval for their conditional use if they acquired the property.  Their stated position to save millions of dollars for SSRUS not having to build a new facility on Bergren Road held true then and still holds true today! The current Mayor still insists that we are the problem and not them backing off of their commitments. They totally misrepresented the negotiated results leading up to their purchase of the courses and now they want to profit from their purchase.  As long as the folks they negotiated with on behalf of everyone near TPGC are alive, we will not allow them to run over this part of the Peninsula, just because we are not the “proper” part of Gulf Breeze. Maybe it is time for us to incorporate and become the largest city in Santa Rosa County! 

The HWY 98 corridor changes have been and will continue to be challenging to all of us at different times, but the end result after the Pensacola Bay Bridge is replaced in 2020 and beyond will be worth it!  There have been a few snags for FDOT (especially with traffic signals) and SRC with development and adjacent flooding issues, but both of these issues are front center with both governmental entities.  I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have a Commissioner that is truly involved and is conscious of the budget our peninsula needs.  Commissioner Lane Lynchard is just that person!  And don’t think his wife Lori just sits by idly.  She is heavily involved in many of these Peninsula projects behind the scenes.  When the disruptions finally end, we will have a better, safer, and quicker drive along the HWY 98 corridor.

Several UPA members are also working on an updated, comprehensive Flood Mitigation Plan for Santa Rosa County and specifically the HWY 98 corridor, but again we need more volunteers.  Preferably, one from each area or business on the Peninsula from Gulf Breeze to Navarre that has been flooded during the past two years would be ideal.  The SRC Flood Mitigation Committee, under the leadership of Sheila Fitzgerald, provides recommendations to FEMA, SRC, and the State for grants and which projects get the $$$.  The south end can use some help getting and retaining their attention!

I hope you have noticed that with the completion of the Tiger Point Community Center that several Board of County Commissioner and Zoning Board meetings and other meetings are being held in the south end! That is thanks to our Commissioner as well! I look forward to continuing to serve with our Board as the Past President and continuing to see UPA grow and help improve our community in as many ways as possible.  Please step up and help UPA grow to the next level.


Don Richards

Past President

United Peninsula Association

P. O. Box 6003

Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

404-915-9394 (C)


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UPA is a community driven organization composed of citizens from residential and business interests in Southern Santa Rosa County in an area referred to over the years as Fairpoint Peninsula. Our mission is to improve communication with our elected officials, including local and state governments and various governmental agencies, on behalf of the interests of our members who live, work, worship and play in the unincorporated southern end of Santa Rosa County. While representing the citizens’ interests in the development and conduct of daily business that impacts our community, we strive to encourage sensible peninsula growth, and enhance the peninsula’s natural appearance.

UPA is a major resource for providing vital information and active support to our citizens and our business community.  We address the issues that impact our daily lives.  As a collective and united group, we make a difference in the future development of our individual communities and the Fairpoint Peninsula as a whole. Home Owners Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Businesses large and small, as well as individuals, are invited and encouraged to become members.

By visiting our website, you will be able to easily connect to any member or referenced website for additional information.  You will also have an immediate link to many governmental sites for information concerning the peninsula’s activities, issues, and concerns.